[Top 5] GTA Online Best Attack Helicopters 2020

[Top 5] GTA Online Best Attack Helicopters 2020



5.) Valkyrie



Valkyrie in Action


        Turrets! Explosive Cannon!  Within a single helicopter where every person has a job to do something for once. If they’re coming from the right and left then don’t worry cause the Valkyrie has turrets on both sides. Enemies on the ground? The co-pilot can use the explosive cannon under the helicopter to explode them. Just moww through emm!


Valkyrie = chooser of the slain

The Valkyrie is not to be messed with, this monster can slay any foe who dares approach it from the ground.

Bring major reinforcements if you’re on the ground cause the valkyrie will explode before you even know it.

The Valkyrie is not to be trampled with cause it will easily send you to the afterlife.

The Valkyrie should not be too cocky cause it can always be shot down by another helicopter.


    Valkyrie Details = https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Valkyrie


    4.) FH-1 Hunter



    Hunter in Action


Want to look like you belong in the greatest military in the world? The Hunter proves its worth when it comes to its arsenal, equipped with a turret, missiles and bombs. No other helicopter proves it’s power and danger like the Hunter. Grab yours now and prove that you can destroy anyone  who dares to approach you.


    Hunter = to prey on

Prey on your enemies to see who’s the strongest in Los Santos.

They can’t escape from a turret that is endlessly shooting while being bombarded with missiles.

Make sure to not be a prayed upon by the Hunter 


    Hunter Details = https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Hunter

    3.) Akula 


    Akula in Action 


    Stealth. The number one tactic that will never fail you when you approach a target. Strike by night and be gone by sunlight.Equipped with Advanced Technology the Akula accomplishes a stealth mode where no one in the map will ever know your location. Not only that, once you’re out of stealth mode you can use missiles, turrets, and bombs. It’s the Advanced Version of the Hunter!


    Akula = Shark 

You never know when a shark will bite unless you provoke it, it will get you before you even know it was there.

The Akula can get you from point A to point B without every worrying to be killed when flying 

The true master of the skies that can never be found like a shark in the unknown sea.


    Akula Details = https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Akula


    2.) Savage 


    Savage in Action 


Best fighter in the Sky without a doubt. Equipped with the best Explosive Cannons in the game, this killing machine can destroy anything with its speed and mobility. With just a couple of shots with the Savage it can destroy anything in the game within seconds. Learn to fly and control it’s mobility and you will find that you will never be shot down from any other helicopter.


    Savage = fierce, violent, and uncontrolled 

Uncontrollable is what is the savage can be at first

It may be fierce in the battlefield but remember that it will lose if the pilot isn’t that good when controlling it 

The savage is a true savage when it approaches those with absolute defence.


    Savage Details = https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Savage


    1.) Buzzard 


    Buzzard in Action


Simple and small unlike the other Attack Helicopters. Any person can fly this and be good at it but the real question is if you can truly master “The Flight”. By owning a Buzzard you can accomplish many things around the map but if you are just good at flying and not knowing how to fight in the sky you will without a doubt lose 100% of the time. Only the Best in the GTA World can use the Buzzard and inevitably beat any other Helicopter.


Buzzard = Death and Destruction

Fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee - Mohammed Ali , that’s the best way to describe the Buzzard.

The Buzzard is the Best and most used Helicopter in the GTA world due to its efficiency in missions and easy way to get a hold  of.

Nothing is better than having a Buzzard for any simple job, but know that the Buzzard can also be very devastating. 


    Buzzard Details = https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Buzzard_Attack_Chopper

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