[Top 7] GTA Online Best Armored Cars 2020

Multiple Armored Cars That Can Help You Survive in the Online World.

[Top 7] GTA Online Best Armored Cars 2020



7.) Barrage


Barrage in Action


          The Barrage, without limits and without Action! Traction is just what you need when it comes to this car. With 2 machine guns strapped to the back of the car, this baby can deal loads of damage. The drawback of this beast is the lack of bullet armor, you can easily be shot out but can they shoot you out before they’re demolished by the two machine guns. On the other hand just relax when you get hit with a missile cause it ain’t much of a problem. 


Barrage = gunfire on large area

  • What a beautiful name when there are two 50cal turrets.
  • Barrage at any direction with the front turret since it has 360 degree mobility, what can go wrong with it.
  • Enemies on your tail? Then smack them with the 50cal in the back,  they will soon learn their lesson after being showered by a barrage of bullets.
  • Based off of the HDT Storm SRTV

    Barrage Details = https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Barrage



8.) Paragon R 


 Paragon R in Action


        Heavy? Not at all. Armor? Yes, it can withstand a missile. The right driver can make this car into an unstoppable killing machine. Really? Na I’m joking. Just shoot with the front bullets and you’ll somehow escape from trouble. Sometimes the best Armored cars can’t win when it comes to mobility, but this car can. Just remember to run instead of facing a superior armored vehicle cause you ain’t gonna win.


Paragon = perfect quality

  • Paragon. What can I say, this car expresses more than what can be proved.
  • Want to look rich? Drive this around cause it’s of excellent luxury, just don’t look too rich because you may be hunted down.
  • You may die when trying to escape but remember that your death will be in a Paragon, nothing can be greater than to die rich.

Paragon R Details = https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Paragon_R_(Armored)



6.)Speedo Custom (Upgraded)


Speedo Custom in Action


        40% of the time you will be safe while the other 60% you will die from a result of tryhards. With nearly perfect protection from bullets ,when upgraded, this action packed vehicle will carry a remote control minigun with 360 degree rotation. What can be better than carrying your friends while being in an armored turret car.


Speedo = Speeeeeeeeed

  • Speed isn’t what the car can be referred to as, it’s more like a car with two fully armored passengers and two not so fully armored passengers.
  • Want to be toxic in this car? Then glitch the car to be god mode, you can’t lose at all unless you get shot out. 
  • Name makes perfect sense since it refers to the toxic players who can only rely on glitches, they quickly run to get the Speedo.

Speedo Custom = https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Speedo_Custom


5.) Kuruma (Armored)


Kuruma in Action


        The true perfection of a car when it comes to missions. NPCs are complete bots that have aimbot but none of them can shoot you out from this car. By combining the Paragon and the Speedo Custom you would get the perfect car for missions like the Kuruma. Bullet resistance? Phenomenal. #1 out of all the cars in the list when they are used for missions. Make a quick exit if you’re ever facing an emeny with missiles cause you can’t handle it.


Kuruma = Beast that can’t be rivaled 

  • The Kuruma has nearly perfect protection with  360 degree shooting radius.
  • This will forever be the number #1 car to use in missions, not all armored vehicles can be used in missions while providing nearly perfect protection like the kuruma
  • This beast knows no challenge when it comes to efficiency, as such the kuruma can be feared by non toxic players
  • Behold and fear upon the “KURUMA”

Kuruma Details = https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Kuruma_(Armored)


4.) Duke o Death



Duke o Death in Action


       Fire!!! Why can’t we hit him? Vroooooom!!! What was that? No, it can’t be.That’s the Monster of Death. That’s right, the Duke of Death withstands rockets and bullets unlike the kuruma. This monster can withstand loads of damage while maintaining its immense speed. Only some dare to challenge this monster of Death.


Duke o Death = Highest Authority of Death 

  • To be killed by the Duke o Death, that is the greatest show of respect.
  • To be named the Highest Authority of Death, it would require the car to show power and strength that no other can rival it.
  • That is exactly what the car can be seen when you kill someone with power.

Duke o Death Details =  https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Duke_O%27Death



3.) Stromberg


Stromberg in Action


         Best Missiles. Amazing missile protection. What else can you ask for when you need to kill toxic players. The oppressor MK2 has nothing on you when it can only withstand one rocket. Just take a quick dip in the water whenever you’re about to explode or when you run out of missiles. No other car can be a submarine and a dangerous  armored car at the same time like the stromberg.


Stromberg = Stream Mountain

  • The sea may seem dull but nothing can beat the stromberg in the sea
  • Swim? No, just use the Stromberg to reach your yacht since you’re too rich to use  a boat.
  • With such advanced technology in the Stromberg, this car is truly feared against oppressor griefers.
  • Just laugh and watch them, kboooooom!!!!

Stromberg Details =  https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Stromberg_(car)


2.) Ruiner 2000


Ruiner 2000 in Action


        Ever heard of Ruiner missiles? Ruiner Missiles are the best missiles in the game that can never be rivaled. With technology the ruiner has advanced to the point where you can parachute with a car. Not only that but it can even jump, Yes Jump. Someone is chasing you? You have two options, either shoot a missile or take them to the edge of a mountain and jump off. What can they do? Nothing, just let them fall to their doom.


Ruiner 2000 = destroy 2000

  • Destruction, plain and simple.
  • Just start a fully loaded mission through CEO or VIP and boom, you can’t be locked on and even better it takes 10+ missiles to be destroyed.
  • This car can ruin  the Toxic players gameplay or the Toxic players can use it to bring destruction into the Online world.


Ruiner 2000 Details = https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Ruiner_2000


1.) NightShark


NightShark in Action

        Rich but ain’t good at the game? Just get the NightShark since it can’t be destroyed from some missiles. Running away is always a win to non Toxic players since the griefers will only be happy if they get a kill. #1 Armored Car to survive in the toxic lobbies that exist in the Online World Today. Verified!


NightShark = Shark of the Night

  • The NightShark has one of the greatest Armors in the online world where it can move fast and sustain immense damage.
  • The NightShark can truly be compared to the Terrorbyte and the Avenger when it comes to Armor since one can survive a Nuclear blast (Orbital Cannon) inside the Terrorbyte
  • No one is safe in Los Santos anymore, unless the NightShark is in your disposal, with great mobility and speed.
  • Warning the Nightshark will not survive a Orbital Cannon but remember that you must move fast like a shark going to its prey (Garage) 

NightShark Details = https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Nightshark

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