[Top 15] Upcoming Horror Games of 2022 That Look Fun!

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2021 was a great year for horror games, we’ve seen some series revived, some risk-taking with new mechanics, and all in all we’ve seen progress in the genre. 

But how are things looking for 2022?

I think the horror games that are coming out this year are mind-blowingly great! I’m amazed by how many good titles we’re getting, and I am gladly going to showcase that in this article. 

15. Asylum (PC)

Planned release date: ”As soon as we can”

ASYLUM Gameplay Trailer 2020 | Upcoming Horror Game

Asylum is a point-and-click mystery, adventure, horror game set in a decaying mental institute. It’s a spiritual successor to Scratches, a 2006 atmospheric horror game. Asylum seems like it’s gonna do its best to utilize the gruesome and creepy setting of a madhouse and use the point and click style for slowing down the pace and making every second feel excruciatingly ominous.

14. Cryospace (PC)

Planned release date: 2022

CryoSpace - Official Reveal Trailer

In Cryospace your goal is to survive on a spaceship by strategically running around the ship and doing a multitude of tasks to ensure your survival. You are just a maintenance guy who wakes up from cryosleep amid chaos. You’ll need to carefully manage your oxygen and crewmates to fend off monsters in this action-packed isometric 3rd person sci-fi adventure.

13. Carnival Hunt (PC)

Planned release date: 2022

Carnival Hunt - Official Trailer (New Horror Game 2022)

Carnival Hunt is a multiplayer survival horror game. The game looks like it will play a lot like Dead by Daylight - 1 player takes the role of the Carnival Monster whose goal is to find the other players who are playing as mechanical bunnies that are escaping for dear life. Not much is known about the story but I am expecting something VERY sinister and grim hidden behind the simple idea of mechanical rabbits being chased down.

12. Projekt Z (PC)

Planned release date: TBA

Projekt Z - Official First Look Trailer (MathChief's Game Expo)

Projekt Z is a co-op zombie shooter inspired by left 4 dead 2. Projekt Z takes place in World War 2 on a small German island infested with zombies. You can either take on the immersive story mode, or the Wave survival mode where you fight off endless hordes of zombies with one goal in mind - survival.

This seems like it will be a very fun, high-quality FREE TO PLAY zombie shooter. Shooting nazi zombies sounds fun in and of itself, but this game is a free-to-play co-op so it’s worth a try if you get a few friends to play with.

11. Dark Moonlight (PC)

Planned release date: TBA

DARK MOONLIGHT Announcement Trailer 4K (2021) PC

Dave Kellerman is a man that suffers from many fears and phobias. He decides to try out his luck with a new experimental psychiatric treatment. He wakes up in a completely different world full of demonic motifs and creatures. He must fight with limited resources to survive.

In this action-adventure horror game, you must fight for dear life and forget about all of your fears if you intend to survive. Dark Moonlight is filled with intricately designed demonic enemies you will face, as well as many puzzles you will need to complete to strengthen your weapons.

10. Level Zero (PC)

Planned release date: Soon

Level Zero - Official Reveal Trailer

Level Zero is a tactical online multiplayer first-person horror game in which two teams of players must compete against each other. The first team is the survivors who are trying to fix the space station’s light controls to eliminate the hostile creatures. The second team plays as the monstrous creatures who lurk in the shadows with the goal to eliminate all the survivors or to prevent the lights from being fixed. The creatures can use a variety of telepathic powers to aid them in their goals.

9. Remorse: The list (PC)

Planned release date: Soon

Remorse: The List - Greenlight Trailer

Remorse: The list is a classic survival horror game where the player is tasked with figuring out the mystery of a small Hungarian town of Hidegpuszta, with the only clue being a mysterious list. To figure out what’s going on the player will have to explore a “large and expansive world filled with never imagined horrors”. The player will have quite a limited inventory, hence resource management will be a key gameplay mechanic in this game.

8. VHS (PC)

Planned release date: TBA

VHS Reveal Trailer

VHS is a 4v1 asymmetric action horror game taking place in a small 1980s video store. A party of teens is ambushed by monsters that used to exist only on tape but have now become reality.

In this free-to-play title, you can expect a lot of thrilling and fast-paced gameplay while trying to achieve victory. The setting of a 1980s “radical” video store is one I didn’t expect to see in a horror game, but I believe this game will manage to do it extraordinarily.

7.Martha Is Dead (PS4 / PS5 / XBOX 1 / XBOX X / PC)

Planned release date: 24th Feb 2022

Martha is Dead - [Complete Demo] [1440p] - Gameplay PC

Martha is Dead is a psychological thriller taking place in 1944 Italy. Experience the folklore-driven story about the trauma of loss. 

Martha is dead, and her twin sister Giulia is forced into exploring the loss, relationships, and psychological undertone of war. The game will have authentic Italian voice acting and detailed recreation of a small Italian countryside to bring home atmospheric integrity.

6. Unholy (PC)

Planned release date: 2022

UNHOLY - Official Trailer (New Horror Game 2021)

Unholy is a story about a mother Saidah in a corrupt and morbid world full of maniacs and beasts. Saidah is on a search for her abducted child. She must challenge the repressive regime in which your social class “caste” is everything.

The many challenges this game will throw at its player can be solved in multiple ways: Stealthily avoid the enemies; murder your way through the regime risking descending into madness; or impersonate your way through the castes.

Unholy seems like its greatest strengths will be the rich story filled with despair and the grim, hellish setting the story takes place in. 

5. Ikai (PS4 / PS5 / SWITCH / PC)

Planned release date: March 2022

IKAI - Demo Gameplay

Ikai takes place in Shinto shrine in feudal japan. Naoko is the shrine’s priestess that’s struggling to battle a demon who entered the shrine. Experience fear and anxiety while exploring the authentic Japanese shrine. The game hopes to illustrate the classic psychological horror even more by purposefully designing the game to make you feel as helpless as possible to raise the tense atmosphere and the horrific mood.

4. Paranoid (SWITCH / PC)

Planned release date: TBA

Paranoid: Official Madnight Trailer

Paranoid is a first-person horror game set in the 1980s. Our protagonist Patrick Calaman has been a shut-in for the past many years. The only alive member of his family is his sister who disappeared 13 years ago.

One day Patrick receives a phone call from his sister announcing her arrival. This puts Patrick in a spot where he has to overcome his life in isolation and his drug addictions, which leads to some nightmarish outcomes. Paranoid promises a “psychedelic horror story” filled with frightening creatures and brutal murders.

I am very excited to see if Paranoid’s way of making a horrific and nightmarish story out of substance abuse will lead to a thrilling game in which players will always be questioning reality. 

3. The Outlast Trials (PC)

Planned release date: Soon

The Outlast Trials - Gameplay Trailer | gamescom 2021

The Outlast Trials is going to be a prequel to the original outlast, giving us some more insight into the lore. It takes place during the cold war, Murkoff Corp. is taking involuntary guinea pigs to test out the new methods of brainwashing.

Try to survive through the brutal, twisted, and sadistic experiments of Murkoff Corporation alone or in a group of up to 4 players.

2. ILL (PC)

Planned release date: TBA

ILL - Official Unreal Engine 5 Gameplay Trailer (New FPS Horror Game)

ILL started as a concept of a detailed zombie shooter game. The concept videos the team released were just plain amazing and gruesomely detailed. At its core, ILL is still a zombie shooter game, but if the concepts shown become reality (and fortunately they’ve recently released a short gameplay preview so we can see the progress) it may become a revolutionarily good action horror game.

The zombies in this game should be extraordinarily gruesome since that seems to be the dev team’s strong side. I am looking forward to seeing this game’s growth process, and with my hopes high waiting to see the promised “best dismemberment and gore effects we’ve seen in games”.

1.Scorn (XBOX X / PC)

Planned release date: October 2022

Scorn Gameplay Trailer

My number one most anticipated horror game of 2022 is Scorn! This grotesque atmospheric masterpiece has been in development for a long time. The team making it started with 4 people and slowly grew until it amassed around 40 people.

The world of scorn is heavily inspired by H.R. Giger - the creator of Alien. Scorn’s idea is to make a game where you as the player feel thrown in a completely different world you don’t know much about. The game strives to create uneasiness and tension by having you slowly and meticulously explore this biopunk world.

The devs stated that the game will focus on 50% gunplay and 50% puzzles. Everything will be slow as to build up the tension and make you feel like you really are in the world of scorn.

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