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15 zombie, Upcoming zombie games
Still disappointed by the world not ending in 2012? Here's some zombie apocalypses you can look forward to.

12. Dead Island 2 (Expected Release: Dec 2019)

The long-awaited sequel to 2011’s Dead Island, Dead Island 2 looks to continue the 1stfirst person open-world action of itspredecessor. Set in various cities in California such as Las Angeles and San Francisco, Dead Island 2 maintains mechanics from its predecessor like weapon crafting.

What makes Dead Island 2 Great:

  • A sequel nine years in the making.
  • Keeps the First-person combat and crafting system of its predecessor.
  • A new setting in California makes the sequel its own unique experience.

Dead Island’s signature weapon crafting and modification returns.

Bloody carnage in the city of angels.

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