[Top 11] D&D Best Bard Multiclass That Are Fun To Play

Best D&D Bard Multiclass That Are Fun To Play
The Bard is a fun class to play in D&D.

As people begin to look more into D&D and it grows in popularity, people begin to find out more about exactly what each class has to offer. Looking further into that, there’s the discovery of the magic of multiclassing. It can be hard to find what multiclass is fit for your character,, but it’s important to look through and find what works best for you and your class.

11. Bard/Wizard

The Bard/Wizard is one of the first combinations people think of, but it doesn't tend to go well together.

These two, while seeming like a good idea at first, don’t compliment each other well. Ultimately, they’re both better on their own. However, if you want to, you can try your luck with this combination. 

They both pour into different proficiencies in order to benefit their spells. The Wizard won’t benefit from the Intelligence of the Bard, and it will take a few levels in order for the Wizard to truly benefit a Bard. Combining these two contradicts their ability scores, as they both focus on different things. 

Why Bard/Wizard Is Great 

  • Both spellcasters with fun abilities 
  • They can provide a challenge for the player 
  • The multiclass is complicated to figure out 

Choose This Multiclass if... 

  • You would like a fun challenge to do
  • You would want to try a complicated multiclass
  • You want to problem solve your multiclass and put time and effort into it 


10. Bard/Monk

Monks are usually better on their own when it comes to multiclassing.

The Bard/Monk combination at the start seems like a good idea. The spellcaster and martial fighter is a popular combination amongst the D&D crowd. However, looking into this multiclass, it would be a better idea to look elsewhere. 

Ultimately, the ability scores completely cause disruption in this multiclass. The Bard needs a strong Charisma for their spellcasting, and the Monk needs a strong Dexterity, Wisdom, and Constitution. The ultimate comes from the Monk’s abilities, but without those three abilities having strong numbers, plus the needed Charisma, it's unlikely that you’ll get the full benefit.

Why Bard/Monk Is Great

  • Added martial arts to the Bard side 
  • Unarmored Defense as a helpful benefit for the Bard
  • A holding of their own in combat with martial combats

Choose This Multiclass if... 

  • You would like to try a martial multiclass
  • You want to try a complicated martial/spellcaster combination 
  • You prefer the martial/spellcaster combination over a base spellcaster


9. Bard/Barbarian

The Barbarian is best when multiclassing with someone else besides the Bard.

Another multiclass that seems like a good idea at first is the Bard/Barbarian. With the push for spellcaster and martial fighter, people have been looking for the right combination for each class. It’s best to look elsewhere for the Bard/Barbarian if you want an easy time playing. 

It ultimately comes down to the fact that you can’t have Concentration spells when your Rage is activated as a Barbarian. The goal would be to focus on spells that don’t use Concentration or focusing on only using one class during combat. This essentially forces your hand either way, and it can be complicated depending on how you prefer to use spells in game. 

Why Bard/Barbarian Is Great

  • Presents a challenge for expert players because of concentration
  • Either focuses you one way or the other way, which can be beneficial when deciding which side to pour more levels into
  • Unarmored Defense is always a good benefit from the Barbarian

Choose This Multiclass if... 

  • You would like to try something a little harder to play
  • You want to focus combat one spellcasting or martial fighting but not together
  • You prefer to use spells that don’t use Concentration


8. Bard/Ranger

The Ranger is a fantastic martial fighter, but not when it comes to the Bard. 

The combination of the Bard and Ranger can be a good idea when it comes to wanting martial fighting. The Ranger is a decent option for this, and can benefit the Bard quite well. Their downfall is ultimately that they don’t quite measure up to other classes.

The Bard/Ranger focuses a lot on combat. If you prefer to be combat focused, that’s fantastic, but a lot of D&D isn’t around combat all the time. It’s important to make sure your character is an all rounder, and the Bard/Ranger multiclass just doesn’t cut that. The combat damage however is pretty good.

Why Bard/Ranger Is Great

  • Gives the Bard the martial fighting that a lot of people look for 
  • Very combat focused due to Ranger’s benefits to the Bard 
  • Good combat damage coming from the Ranger side

Choose This Multiclass if... 

  • You have experience with multiclassing and know how to balance out the classes
  • You’re more combat focused when playing 
  • You prefer even leveling when you multiclass 


7. Bard/Druid

The Druid is the Bard's twin in another lifetime. 

Bards and Druids are decently similar to each other. They’re both spellcasters for one, and they both tend to be focused in the same area of spells which can be great, but this is also the reason they’re only at number 7 on this list. 

Due to their similarities, it wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense to multiclass into a Druid with a Bard unless you wanted specifics from the Druid side, like Wild Shape. Wild Shape can be pretty nifty at times, so it can be a good idea to multiclass just for that reason. However, if you’re looking into it for spells, then maybe reconsider this multiclass. 

Why Bard/Druid Is Great

  • Both spellcasters so they compliment well 
  • The Wild Shape from the Druid can be super useful 
  • It can be an easy multiclass without much level give from the Bard 

Choose This Multiclass if…

  • You want to dabble into multiclassing with not too much commitment
  • You like to use Wild Shape from the Druid 
  • You want to use a spellcaster only


6. Bard/Cleric

The Cleric is a great healer class to benefit the Bard. 

The Bard and Cleric are two spellcasters with both strong similarities and strong differences. While the similarities are powerful, it’s the differences in this that can make it hard to multiclass. It’s important to keep a few things in mind when going into it, specifically of where you’re putting your high number ability scores.

In order for this to truly work, you need high numbers in both Wisdom and Charisma, as well as Strength and Constitution. The chances of this happening are slim, so it's good to look elsewhere for benefits. Some cleric domains give heavy armor proficiency, which can be beneficial to the Bard side and help with armor class. Or you can focus on being a healer with the Life Domain.

Why Bard/Cleric Is Great 

  • Both spellcasters so you have full set of spells
  • Cleric domains can help with armor class 
  • Life Domain can help with being a better healer 

Choose This Multiclass if... 

  • You like spellcasters and want to multiclass as one
  • You want to focus more on the Bard side of the multiclass
  • You want to focus as a Bard healer 


5. Bard/Sorcerer

The Sorcerer is a very powerful option and ally in D&D.

As we get close to number 1, we get to multiclasses that really have some merit and power to them. One of these is the Bard/Sorcerer. The Sorcerer gives the Bard what it needs the most, some firepower.

Just by taking a few levels of the Sorcerer, you can add some really powerful spells to your arsenal. They both also use Charisma as their main ability score, so you can rely on having spells that need Charisma in order to work. Just a few damage dealing spells from the Sorcerer side can really buff up your Bard’s damage. 

Why Bard/Sorcerer Is Great

  • Not too level costly and really effective
  • Gives extra damage to the Bard, which is ideal 
  • Both have Charisma as their focus 

Choose This Multiclass if…

  • You like spellcasters and want to multiclass as one 
  • You want to add more firepower to your Bard
  • You want more versatility for your Bard’s spells 


4. Bard/Fighter

The Fighter has always been quite the fighter in D&D. 

The Bard with any martial fighter type can seem like a good idea, but one of the best ones is the Fighter. The Fighter is known for its multiclass ability with other classes looking for more martial abilities. The Bard is no different in this, and this combination can really be beneficial. 

You don’t even need to consider a specific Fighting Style from the Fighter, any of them can really benefit the Bard quite well. It’s ideal to sacrifice quite a few levels into the Fighter, but if you don’t want to do that, just a few levels will suffice. You also get Action Surge from the Fighter, which can be pretty useful.

Why Bard/Fighter Is Great 

  • Gives martial fighting to the Bard 
  • Any Fighting Style can work for the Bard and be beneficial 
  • Action Surge is an added bonus and fun to use in combat 

Choose This Multiclass if... 

  • You like to use martial fighting with spellcasters
  • You don’t have a preferenced Fighting Style and want to try one out 
  • You’re willing to sacrifice levels off your Bard in order to get more benefits


3. Bard/Paladin

The Paladin is a perfect multiclass for martial fighting with the Bard.

As another martial fighting class, the Paladin is often looked towards for multiclassing. As the Bard continues to look for martial fighting, the Paladin is a great contender for this. There are many benefits that come with the Bard/Paladin combination. 

The Bard is very compatible with the Paladin, as certain Paladin spells use Charisma, and the Bard’s main ability score is Charisma. Not only that, the use of Divine Smite is very beneficial to those with high spellcasting ability, and the Bard is such. With the combination of certain Paladin spells and their Divine Smite, the Bard ends up being a pretty powerful combatter. 

Why Bard/Paladin Is Great

  • Compatible with Charisma ability score 
  • Martial fighting is given to the Bard 
  • Divine Smite can be used really well in combat 

Choose This Multiclass if... 

  • You like the spellcaster and martial fighter combination 
  • You want to utilize Divine Smite more
  • You fine with taking out several levels from your Bard 


2. Bard/Warlock

The Warlock is the perfect spellcaster with the Bard.

The Bard/Warlock is the most compatible spellcaster/spellcaster combination for the Bard. With both of them prioritizing in other things, it can seem like this wouldn’t be the best option. However, there are certain stats that just make this combination work really well. 

They both have a focus of Charisma with their ability score, which means their spells focus on the same things. Bards often struggle with damage, and the Warlock has a plethora of damage dealing spells. These two things alone make this multiclass extremely strong in combat.  

Why Bard/Warlock Is Great 

  • Extremely combat focused with the damage buffs 
  • Both have a focus of Charisma so there’s a lot of compatibility 
  • Both spellcasters so they’re very compatible 

Choose This Multiclass if…

  • You are a combat focused player 
  • You like spellcasters and want to multiclass as one
  • You prefer Charisma spellcasters and their options 


1. Bard/Rogue

The Rogue is the perfect talent master with the Bard. 

This is a very good combination in the D&D world. You can have a lot of creativity with this multiclass and create a lot of different spell combinations. The Rogue/Bard multiclass has a lot of fun with the game. 

You don’t need to take too many levels of the Rogue to benefit from it. With the Rogue Expertise and the strength of the Bard Expertise to back it up, you can become proficient in a lot of things. This can make you really good at skill checks and protect you from a lot of in-game complications. When you use the Arcane Trickster side of the Rogue, you can benefit from the Rogue even more.

Why Rogue/Bard Is Great

  • Benefits from proficiencies from both classes 
  • The Arcane Trickster can make the Rogue levels even more beneficial
  • Become really good a lot of things 

Choose This Multiclass if…

  • You like to be proficient in a lot of things 
  • You put proficiencies and roleplaying above combat 
  • You like melee and spellcasting combinations 

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