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Battlefield 5 Best Sniper Rifles, BFV Best Sniper Rifles
It’s 2021, and Battlefields sniping meta has evolved again. Sure,... Read More
BF5 Best Guns, BFV Best Guns
Find a niche and plug it with the weapons below! Battlefield V has... Read More
BFV Best Medic Weapons
[Top 5] BFV Best Medic Weapons If you’re a Medic in Battlefield V... Read More
BF5 Best Assault Weapons, BFv Best Assault Weapons
Like blowing things up? So do we, that's why we've compared 5 of... Read More
BF5 Best LMG, BFv Best LMG
Support class in BFV is explosively fun but why is everyone going LMG... Read More
best war games to play right now
"We've been walking forever, when does the game actually start?" "... Read More
BF5 Best Anti Materiel Weapons, BF5 Anti Materiel Weapons
Same dirt, different shovel. Two rifles are better than nothing... Read More
bf5 best maps, battlefield 5 best maps, bfv best maps
It wasn't exactly a "hit the ground running" situation but DICE found... Read More
bf5 crash fix, BF5 Crashing how to fix, bfv crash fix
In an age where day-one patches are the norm, is it even worth... Read More
bf5 player count
The writing's always been on the wall.   It's been... Read More
Battlefield 5 Best Aim Settings
It's not all down to sensitivity, you know. "Aim-assist is a sin... Read More
BF5 Best Aircraft
"It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a... 500kg bomb..." Combined arms... Read More
BF5 Best Assault Weapon
While Assault offers many different weapons to play around with, it's... Read More
Battlefield 5 Best FOV Settings
Field of View isn't the flashiest of settings like Graphics Quality... Read More
battlefield 5 best shotguns ranked
Shotguns have often caught a lot of flak in Battlefield 5, but they... Read More
BF5 Best Anti Tank Weapons
If an explosion goes off and no one is around to hear it, then they... Read More
Battlefield 5 best sniper rifles
 Snipers may wear diapers, but they get all the kills.... Read More
Battlefield V Best Weapons
What Are The Best Weapons For Each Class in Battlefield 5? Listed... Read More
bf5 25 best settings
If you've ever wondered what settings sweaty tryhards use then look... Read More
battlefield 5 review 2020, is battlefield v worth it
Battlefield V is finally where it should have been - but is it even... Read More
Tanks are much more fun when you have friends to blow everything up
[Top 15] Best Military Games in The World One must learn to... Read More
17 best simulation games for PC
Stimulate your gaming life with one of these simulators!... Read More
bf5 release date
Battlefield 5 Release Date, Gameplay, Trailers, Story, News –... Read More
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