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With a little rage and a broken controller, we finally managed to... Read More
Elden Ring Best Curved Swords
One of the most unique and interesting weapon types in the entirety... Read More
Elden Ring Review
Elden Ring is a marvel of a game that a multitude of fans has been... Read More
The Soulsborne series changed how we view games. Having a set of... Read More
soulsborne, games, best selling soulsborne, dark souls, elden ring, sekiro
"Fight, Die, Repeat" formula perfected with Soulsborne games. The... Read More
25 Best RPGs PC Gamers Should Know
Whether you’re PC master race, or a console gamer who’s developed the... Read More
japanese games, japanese video games, games by japanese developers, best japanese games
Japan is home to some of the best media franchises in the whole world... Read More
Average day as the ashes need to take the bud
The endless cycle of fire continues until a lord of dark takes their... Read More
Metroidvania, metroid, 2D platformer, action games, adventure games, abilities, RPG, Casltevnia, Hollow Knight, axiom verge, Blasphemous, Salt and Sanctuary
There has been a serious resurgence of old-school type Metroidvanias... Read More
Dark Souls Remastered Best Armor
Whats the deal with all the armor? Wandering the landings, gullies... Read More
Bloodborne Best Builds
Ready for your next exciting build? As an RPG, Bloodborne... Read More
Best Horror RPG
What Are The Best RPGs with Horror elements? Horror RPGs are... Read More
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Best Dark Souls Weapons
What Are The Best Weapons in Dark Souls? Now, we all know that... Read More
ARPG, Dark Souls, FromSoftware
If you asked someone what they thought about Dark Souls, you’d... Read More
Games like Ghost of Tsushima
During the 2017 E3, Sucker Punch Productions surprised everyone with... Read More
Dark Souls 4 Release Date
Dark Souls 4 Release Date In a 2016 interview with Kotaku, the... Read More
Games Like Dark Souls
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Souls-like games
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Dark Fantasy Games
Here are the 17 best dark fantasy games for PC Fantasy has long... Read More
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With the series coming to a close, let’s take a look at 11 games... Read More
Top 30 Gaming Terms 2016
Why Do You Need to Know Gaming Terms Gamer Terms are the collected... Read More
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