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D&D Best Rogue Feats
Welcome to the underworld! You’re a rogue, you’re ready to kick some... Read More
D&D Best Cleric Feats
So, you’re playing a cleric, and you’re picking your first feat.... Read More
D&D Homebrew Monsters To Use In Your Campaign
If you’ve read any of my other articles, you would know this much. In... Read More
D&D Worldbuilding Tips and Strategies 25 best tips
Worldbuilding for your first D&D campaign can be a daunting task... Read More
D&D Homebrew Weapons To Use In Your Campaign
Magical weapons, and magical items in general, for D&D 5e are a... Read More
D&D Best Fighter Builds
Fighters are the most popular D&D class. Some would argue that... Read More
Wizards of the Coast: Ad Nauseam by Jeremy Jarvis
10. The Cursed Doll Wizards of the Coast: Creepy Doll by Matt... Read More
Wizards of the Coast: Malevolent Hermit by Daarken
13. Graviturgy Wizard(Explorer's Guide to Wildemount) Wizards of... Read More
Wizards of the Coast: Flying Crane Technique by Jack Wang
10. Tough(Player's Handbook) Wizards of the Coast: Shu Yun, The... Read More
D&D Quest Campaign Ideas
15. The Beastmaster's Challenge Wizards of Coast: Garruk... Read More
[Top 15] D&D Best Multiclass That Are Fun To Play   1.... Read More
 How to Create a Good and Fun D&D Campaign: 25 Tips for a... Read More
Mastering the Art of Wizardry: Unveiling Multiclass and Pure Wizard... Read More
Top 5 Bard Builds For D&D 5e Bards are charismatic artists and... Read More
Best D&D Multiclasses that are Fun to Play
Classes are a key part of Dungeons and Dragons. But sometimes just... Read More
D&D optimize character
Optimization Has Its Downside It doesn’t take much imagination... Read More
Wizards of the Coast: Blanchwood Prowler by Justine Cruz
On your quests, you’ll face dangerous and powerful monsters. The more... Read More
Wizards of the Coast: Staff of the Wild Magus by Daniel Ljunggren
As you journey across the land, defeating monsters and saving the... Read More
Wizards of the Coast: Xenagos, God of Revels by Jason Chan
Scenarios and the overarching plot are the backbones of a cohesive... Read More
Magic the Gathering: Timely Interference by Joshua Raphael
D&D is built around combat. Whether you’re fighting armies of... Read More
Wizards of the Coast: Invasion of Tarkir by Darren Tan
Your journey awaits! You’ve done it–you have a group of friends... Read More
Wizards of the Coast: Urza, Planeswalker by Ryan Pancoast
The worlds of Dungeons and Dragons are full of heroes, villains,... Read More
Wizards of the Coast: Light ‘Em Up by Tony Foti
So many classes, so little time! Multiclassing allows you to combine... Read More
Wizards of the Coast: Keeper of the Cadence by Alex Branwyn
With fourteen total classes (twelve of them found in the general... Read More
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