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D&D optimize character
Optimization Has Its Downside It doesn’t take much imagination... Read More
Wizards of the Coast: Keeper of the Cadence by Alex Branwyn
With fourteen total classes (twelve of them found in the general... Read More
Tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons have a contentious history... Read More
A collection of different miniatures, from sword wielders, a... Read More
The Dungeons and Dragons title next to one of the large villains... Read More
D&D has become one of the best TTRPG games in the last few... Read More
The logo for Dungeons and Dragons next to cool graphic words of '... Read More
D&D Alignments Explained
Whether you are a player creating your first character or a seasoned... Read More
D&D Best Rogue Feats
Rogues are the lancers of the D&D world, the foils to their party... Read More
D&D Best Cleric Feats
Clerics can be as diverse as the deities they serve. Their devotion... Read More
D&D Best Warlock Feats
It’s time to level up your D&D character! But you feel pretty... Read More
D&D Best Ranger Feats
We’re back at it again with another breakdown of the top 10 feats for... Read More
D&D Best Paladin Feats
As your D&D character defeats monsters and levels up, you will be... Read More
Goblins are horde creatures with nasty personalities, a lack of... Read More
a group of adventurers towering valiantly upon a cliff.
If you’re looking for the stylised, fun-to-play D&D party... Read More
d&d, dungeons and dragons, monk, unarmed build, d&d builds, fighter, druid
You want to get up close and personal with your enemy? The slice of a... Read More
sorcerer, d&d magic items, wondrous items for sorcerers, d&d 5e sorcerer best magic items
D&D is a world where items matter almost as much as your... Read More
D&D Best Simple Weapons
I'm not sure why D&D put simple weapons in the game when nobody... Read More
D&D Best Tank Builds
Do You Know How To Build A Tank? There are 4 major roles in every... Read More
Best Fighter Subclass, D&D, DnD, Fighter Subclass
Is your character a fighter and is having trouble figuring out which... Read More
Is your spellcasting getting a little bland? Being a spellcaster... Read More
Are you searching for awesome magic items to give to your players as... Read More
D&D Best Horror Monsters
Are you having trouble picking scary monsters for your campaign?... Read More
Best Tabletop RPGs
  Are you trying to get into tabletop roleplaying games?... Read More
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