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Biggest AAA Games Released In 2023
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15 Zombie Survival Games On PC
It’s safe to say that pretty much everyone who’s anyone has heard the... Read More
A banner showcasing a group of Necromorphs chasing Isaac Clarke from Dead Space
In my humble opinion, there’s nothing better than a dark stormy night... Read More
10. EVE Online (PC /Mac OS / Linux / GeForce Now)... Read More
Best Horror Movies Based on Video Games, Horror Movies Video Game Adaptation, Best Horror Movies Video Game Adaptation, Top 15 Horror Movies Video Games Adaptation
More often than not, video game adaptations in movies fall short of... Read More
#10 Condemned: Criminal Origins – 2006 (Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360... Read More
#10 Half-Life: Alyx - 2020 (Microsoft Windows) Revisit... Read More
Horror Games, Horror Movies, Movies based on games, Horror
Gaming movies are quite famous for being very very bad. So I can’t... Read More
Alien Invasion Games
Here is what to do if E.T. doesn't come in peace. Are we alone in... Read More
horror games, top horror games, PC horror games, PC games, horror
Experience horror in deep space In melding our fear of the unknown... Read More
dead space movie
Looking for a good Dead Space movie? The Dead Space franchise has... Read More
dead space 4
Will there be a Dead Space 4? I want to know, you want to know, we... Read More
Check out the best zombie shooting games to play on PC
Survival is scarce when the dead are coming back to life and... Read More
10 Things Every Horror Game Needs To Be Good
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Top 11 Games Like Dead Space
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Dead Space Series
Here’s a full list of all the Dead Space games so far... Read More
Both Hideous and Dangerous All of the monsters on this list have a... Read More
10 Best PC Horror Games To Play With Friends at a Sleepover
  Ready for a fun night of horrors? Friends who scream... Read More
Dead Space 3
In Dead Space 3, Isaac Clarke and John Carver will travel ... Read More
Dead Space 2 (PC Game) -
Three years after the horrific incidents on the USG... Read More
Dead Space
Acting on a distress call by the mining ship USG Ishimura, engineer... Read More
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