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Axes in Guild Wars 2 are lethal weapons in the right hands and these specific ones make those wielding them look good.
When you are looking for a decent DPS weapon for your character, look... Read More
Hunt your prey from mid to long range with these awesome long and shortbows while at the same time conquering Fashion Wars 2.
There are many bows that players can use in Guild Wars 2, but come... Read More
Need more space for your loot? Store all of your items in these bags and have loads more space for your adventures.
If you are a little loot goblin looking to hold all the dropped... Read More
Fashionable players can walk the stage and be ogled by onlookers. Rock these awesome armor sets and pieces to win Fashion Wars 2.
You have fought valiantly against countless raid bosses, defeated... Read More
Take your fishing rod, bait, and lures with you in these wonderful fishing spots and watch your profits grow.
Players who wanted fishing to become a part of Guild Wars 2 became... Read More
Enrichments give your characters a bit more boost when you are trying to get more resources in Guild Wars 2.
Enrichments were previously referred to as utility infusions. These... Read More
When your enemies make the mistake of grouping up into a tight bunch, punish them with a powerful AoE class and defeat them all at once.
Every class in Guild Wars 2 has access to a variety of area-of-effect... Read More
When your raid or strike mission squad needs a class that can tank properly, which one can get the job done easily in Guild Wars 2?
Prior to the introduction of raids and strike missions in Guild Wars... Read More
Now that's a lot of damage! - Phil Swift
When you need a powerhouse to deliver maximum damage for the team,... Read More
Blow away the competition with one of the most fierce elite specializations of the Elementalist, the Tempest.
The Tempest is one of the first elite specializations of the core... Read More
You can never have too much treasure. - Charr player characters random voice over
Gold is the currency that Guild Wars 2 players use to purchase... Read More
Merge with your pet and become a dominant force of the wild as the Soulbeast and lay waste to your foes in Guild Wars 2.
The Soulbeast takes "being one with your pet" to new heights by... Read More
Confuse and befuddle you enemies with the master illusionist, The Mirage elite profession, and break through their ranks with your unique Mirage Cloak
During the Path of Fire expansion for Guild Wars 2, the Mirage was... Read More
The colossal hit, Guild Wars 2, opens its doors to all sorts of players. What you choose to do in the world is completely up to you, commander.
Since its 2012 release, Guild Wars 2 has established itself as a top-... Read More
More than just a healer, the Druid aids its team with firepower that only true Druid-mains can showcase.
The Druid, the Ranger's first elite specialization, was designed to... Read More
The Deadeye locks its eyes on their target to deal massive damage with their powerful builds in Guild Wars 2.
The Deadeye elite specialization of the Thief, which is recognized... Read More
The slippery Daredevil effortlessly escapes their foes and counterattacks with powerful blows. Can the Daredevil keep up the pace in the various game modes?
The Daredevil is the Thief's first elite specialization, giving it... Read More
The Scrapper takes the fight in Guild Wars 2 with its gyros and showcases its most powerful builds.
The Scrapper is a powerful Engineer elite specialization that has a... Read More
The Revenant springs into action with its Legends to crush their opponents. Use these following builds and prove how powerful core Revenant can be in the right hands.
The Revenant is a profession that was introduced with the Heart of... Read More
The Bladesworn slashes through the competition like katana through a tatami mat with these powerful builds in Guild Wars 2.
The Warrior's newest elite specialization, the Bladesworn, is one of... Read More
The Willbender breaks their opponent's wills as they command the flow of battle with their powerful builds in Guild Wars 2.
The powerful, combat-oriented elite specialization of Guardians, the... Read More
These Firebrand builds prove that when it comes to book-wielding powerhouses in Guild Wars 2, they reign supreme.
When the Firebrand was first introduced in the Path of Fire expansion... Read More
Raise the undead and conquer the various game modes with these powerful Necromancer builds for Guild Wars 2.
In Guild Wars 2, the Necromancer is one of the most versatile and... Read More
Prove that healers just want to have fun in Guild Wars 2 while still being effective in battle.
Healer builds have become essential for teams since the Heart of... Read More
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