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Just because you are free-to-play, it doesn't mean you are stuck with an underpowered class in Guild Wars 2.
Guild Wars 2 became free-to-play on August 29, 2015, allowing would-... Read More
Legendary Weapons in Guild Wars 2 are a great way to showcase your determination in setting a goal, completing objectives, and earning a powerful reward that is unlocked for your entire account.
Legendary Weapons have been a staple of MMORPGs and are awesome... Read More
Never forget the characters that stayed with you along your journey in Guild Wars 2's storyline. These characters showcase tons of personality that fans love.
The story of Guild Wars 2 tells a tale of friendship, camaraderie,... Read More
Vibe in-game with these amazing songs in Guild Wars 2!
Guild Wars 2 has always had a place in the hearts of its player base... Read More
Guild Wars 2 has many amazing locales fit to be worthy to become your desktop wallpaper or favorite screenshot.
One of the opinions that players have whenever they talk about Guild... Read More
Majority of the Gem Story items in game provide tons of quality-of-life goodies that can make your game more enjoyable like the following items on our list.
There are so many Gem Store items in Guild Wars 2 that provide... Read More
Meta events in Guild Wars 2 bring the player base together to take down powerful forces that stand between them and precious loot. Take the fight to them and unleash your gaming skills upon all that stand in your way.
Meta events are massive group events in Guild Wars 2 that promote... Read More
Whether you are running across the land of Tyria on foot or gliding above the skies on your trusty glider, these amazing backpack and glider combos in Guild Wars 2 will make roaming and soaring stylish!
Backpacks come in all shapes and sizes, and players get to mix and... Read More
Looking for nifty upgrades for your accounts and enhancing your games by providing quality-of-life improvements?
If you were to look at the Black Lion Gem Store, you can see that it... Read More
Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure is the fourth expansion and takes players to the skies of Tyria to defeat the otherworldly demonic forces known as the Kryptis.
Secrets of the Obscure is the fourth expansion for Guild Wars 2 that... Read More
From backpacks and banners to wings and glowy bits, these back pieces need a place in your wardrobe collection right away to give your characters an upgrade to their looks.
You've got your armor pieces all shiny and nice, and now you've even... Read More
Time to guard and defend those around you with these trusty and reliable shield skins in Guild Wars 2, Commander!
A lot of the weapons in Guild Wars 2 feature a wide variety of... Read More
With these awesome pistol skins at your disposal, there is no way you will miss your shots!
Guild Wars 2 is one of those cool fantasy MMORPGs that is not shy... Read More
The trusty warhorn does more than just rally your allies to your cause.
There are many offhand weapons that players can equip on themselves... Read More
Focii in Guild Wars 2 do more than just focus your arcane energy to produce powerful magic.
Many weapons in Guild Wars 2 feature strong offensive skills that can... Read More
Become a shining beacon of hope for all the Tyrians in Guild Wars 2 with these freaking awesome torch skins and burn your enemies in its light.
Much of the admiration for the skins in Guild Wars 2 usually go to... Read More
Channel all of your arcane might in these awesome scepters and crush your enemies' souls in Guild Wars 2.
While the staff is usually the main focus of magic users in Guild... Read More
Rend your foes with these awesome greatsword skins in Guild Wars 2 and show them no mercy.
In Guild Wars 2, the greatsword is the undeniable king of popularity... Read More
The best mace skins elevate the weapon and the player using them to new heights as they deliver crushing blows to their competition.
Maces in Guild Wars 2 deserve so much better don't they. They aren't... Read More
The best sword skins aren't just the flashiest nor the most stylish ones. They elevate the player character with its aesthetic and wins them the gold in Fashion Wars 2.
The sword has always been a staple weapon found in almost every... Read More
Whether you use the staff to blast your enemies away with magic or pummel them into submission, these specific ones will make you look good while doing so.
The humble staff in Guild Wars 2 has come a long way from just being... Read More
When you want a reliable long-ranged weapon in Guild Wars 2 that can conquer the battlefield with its booming presence, you need to rock a powerful rifle with these freaking awesome skins.
Rifles in Guild Wars 2 can be considered the single-target equivalent... Read More
Purge your enemies with tons of condition damage thanks to your trusty shortbow.
The shortbow is the smaller, more compact and versatile little sister... Read More
Pierce through your enemies' defense's with your mighty longbow and turn the tide of battle in Guild Wars 2.
Ah, the trusty longbow; beloved long-ranged weapon of many... Read More
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