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horror games 2018
What Are The Top 10 Horror Games Released in 2018? Its past... Read More
best horror animes
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Horror Games with good story
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A still from a cool indie game you could be playing right now.
Top 10 Most Popular Games Do you know what itch.... Read More
Best Horror RPGs
What Are The Best Horror RPGs? 12. Call of Cthulhu "The oldest... Read More
scary horror games
These 11 games are the most fun to play co-op style, or while your... Read More
This little girl is crueler than she looks.
Horror games in this modern age give you the ability to defend... Read More
Scariest Games In The World
These are the top 10 of the scariest games you can play for yourself... Read More
fun horror games
Whether it’s helping your friends escape from zombies, hiding in the... Read More
Indie Horror Games for PC
Independent developers put their hearts and souls and all their... Read More
The masked killer makes his return in Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.
This list of the 11 best VR titles is sure to give you a blending of... Read More
Free Horror Games
Be they demos, beta builds, or downright just free, this is the best... Read More
Top 10 Horror Games That Need A Remake
With the exciting news of Resident Evil 2’s complete remake, it’s... Read More
Little Nightmares Review
Is Little Nightmares The Game for You? In this review, I will be... Read More
The Last of Us 2 - Release Date
It has finally arrived! After the much awaited teaser trailer for The... Read More
“He thrust his fist into the post and still insists he sees the ghost... Read More
Games Like Resident Evil
The Best Games Like Resident Evil Resident Evil is one of the most... Read More
Games Like Silent Hill
Looking for the best games like Silent Hill? Silent Hill is a... Read More
Best Indie Horror Games
Discover The Best Indie Horror Games for PC Indie games, movies,... Read More
movies like outlast
How Many of These Movies Like Outlast Have You Watched? The... Read More
Japanese Horror Games
Get scared. The Japanese way. Japan has a long history of scaring... Read More
Best Exorcism Movies
Watching scary movies alone is one thing. Watching exorcism movies... Read More
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