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Games Like Shadow of Mordor
Need a fantasy fix after Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, but unsure... Read More
Protagonist from Middle Earth: Shadow of War and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor games, Talion.
Whether You're Looking to Defeat the Armies of Mordor or Fight with... Read More
Shadow of War Gameplay
Journey Back to Middle Earth Monolith Productions made a big name... Read More
Although the release of LOTR’s Shadow Of War has been delayed until... Read More
lord of the rings villains
Ready To Countdown The Top 15 Lord of The Rings Villains?... Read More
 Being the Hero of Middle-Earth The world that J.R.R Tolkien... Read More
Talion is ready to take on a pack of Orcs.
Do you have what it takes to simply walk into Mordor? It can often... Read More
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