Latest Mobile Legends: Bang Bang News

Nana, The Sweet Leonin  is a popular Mage/Support who... Read More
A Fighter is an endurance hero who can deal damage. They may be... Read More
Ganking is an attack and ambush strategy that engages the element of... Read More
Marksmen play a fundamental role in all team formations and are... Read More
Ganking is an element of surprise in attack and ambush. Gankers use... Read More
Aamon, The Duke of Shards is like the simpler version of his younger... Read More
Irithel, The Jungle Heart is the only Marksman in Mobile Legends with... Read More
Miya, The Moonlight Archer is Queen of Life Steal in Mobile Legends.... Read More
Roam Heroes are those who are swift and effective in covering the... Read More
Burst Heroes basically deal high damage and have low cool down rates... Read More
Movement Speed is an attribute that measures the rate of mobility per... Read More
Attack Speed refers to the rate at which a hero's basic attack may be... Read More
Magic Damage is the most superior form of damage in Mobile Legends.... Read More
Crowd Control is referred to as CC in Mobile Legends. It is a skill... Read More
Tanks are the front-liners of battle who can initiate team... Read More
Mages are the core damage dealers who stand out for crowd control in... Read More
With over 100 heroes, it might prove challenging to evaluate your... Read More
Although hero power is affected by meta updates, there are some cases... Read More
Regardless of the build you're employing, or whether you decide to... Read More
Each role in Mobile Legends impacts how a battle pans out. Each hero... Read More
Mythical Glory is awarded to the Top 50 in different servers each... Read More
Despite being released in 2021, Yve continues to be perceived as a... Read More
Kimmy is one of the most banned heroes in 2023. This is a testament... Read More
Belerick belongs to the distinct Anthropomorphic Plant species. He is... Read More
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