Latest Mobile Legends: Bang Bang News

Tanks are the front-liners of battle who can initiate team... Read More
Mages are the core damage dealers who stand out for crowd control in... Read More
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Although hero power is affected by meta updates, there are some cases... Read More
Regardless of the build you're employing, or whether you decide to... Read More
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Mythical Glory is awarded to the Top 50 in different servers each... Read More
Despite being released in 2021, Yve continues to be perceived as a... Read More
Kimmy is one of the most banned heroes in 2023. This is a testament... Read More
Belerick belongs to the distinct Anthropomorphic Plant species. He is... Read More
Kaja is more of a meta hero, where his popularity comes from meta... Read More
Ultimate mastery of Zhask is realized through positioning and... Read More
Positioning is fundamental to mastering Grock. He ranks amongst the... Read More
The Shimmer of Hope Vexana is a highly valued mage who specializes in... Read More
  The Mustang! Johnson is one of those Tanks you’d wanna... Read More
Rafaela was the first healer and support that was introduced to... Read More
Bane is as hard as they come but undeniably soft as a high damage... Read More
This brave martial artist, who also happens to be Wanwan's best buddy... Read More
Aamon's younger sibling isn't new to the Mobile Legends arena. In ML... Read More
Aamon, Gusion's older brother, is a feared and well-respected... Read More
In Mobile Legends, Khufra is at the top of the list for Crowd Control... Read More
Despite being released in March 2022, Xavier is still regarded as a... Read More
Esmerelda is incredibly challenging to master. Once understood, she... Read More
As a ferocious combatant, Balmond is a Fighter who is renowned for... Read More
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