Anyone else play Hollow Knight?


Anyone else play Hollow Knight?

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  • 11th Jul 2018
  • 10:19 pm
alexbolano alexbolano

Anyone else play Hollow Knight?

I just got this game for my birthday a few days ago and so far I am absolutely blown away. The atmosphere and design of the game is wonderful; the dark fantasy trappings and Tim Burton-esque aesthetic fit each other perfectly. I haven't realy felt such a sense of lonliness and isolation in a game in a while as I did when I descended into Hallownest. The game has little exposition and most of the story has to be pieced together from details in the environment or by talking to NPCs. Like a classic metroidvania, you get around a 2d vertical map of interconnected rooms full of secrets and hidden areas to find. You get weapons and tools that enhance your moveset and ope up preiously unavailable areas. Exploring and finding secrets is so rewarding, as many of them hide extra geo (the games currency), mask pieces to increase your maximum health, or special charms you can equip to get neat perks or abilities. Each charm has a unique effect too. For example, one of the charms creates an attack of thorns around your character whenever they are hurt and another charm increases your dashing speed. 

The game is hard af too,. There are a lot of enemy types and they have a lot of movesets; not to mention the bosses which will give you a headache. I have fought about 7 now and except for the first they all gave me some trouble. They devs even pull a Dark Souls on you so when you die you loose all your stuff and are given one chance to get back to where you died and retrieve it. Also like Dark Souls, there are checkpoints you activate that you can rest at which also serve as respawn points when you die. It is pretty furstrating when you are exploring an unknown area and you die, only to have the last checkpoint you saved at be very far away. But, nothing quite beats the feeling when you finally find a checkpoint after a grueling treck through the darkness. The difficulty and soulslike design elements contribute to a real sense of satisfaction when you succeed. 

Lastly, I am really impressed with the music. TeamCherry did a really good job making this soundtrack as each tune is memorable and fits the environment perfectly. Most of the music has a minor tone to it, echoing the sorrows of the ruined and lost world that you are exploring. 

All in all, do yourself a favor and play this game. Its only 15$ on Steam and its well worth that price.

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