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10 Awesome PC Games You Totally Need in 2015
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7. The Witcher 3

Hmm, my money is on the big moose thing

The Witcher 3 deserves its spot on this list of good pc games. It is an open world game in which you take control of a Witcher. The Witchers are a special group of monster hunters that have been trained, and even mutated from an early age to be superhuman.

The Northern Kingdoms are threatened by an otherworldly army known as the Wild Hunt, and it is up to you to stop it and bring peace and safety back to the world. There are so many reasons why this is an awesome game and why you need to play it. Not only is the world huge and open, but your decisions shape the outcome of the story. There is a morality system that remembers the choices that you make, so don’t make dialogue decisions quickly! Also, you get to play as a steroid packed Witcher, and that is just cool.

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