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10 Awesome PC Games You Totally Need in 2015
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2. Mass Effect 3

It all comes down to this!

Mass Effect 3 is the riveting finale to the saga of Commander Shepard. If you liked Dragon Age then you'll love this! The third game of this installment picks up as Shepard, the first human spectre of the universe, is hot on the heels of Saren who is bent on summoning a bunch of genocidal freak aliens to destroy all life. The game received many improvements including a more precise combat system, a refined cover mechanic that worked better than the first two games (getting shot through a wall was lame), and a multiplayer coop mode. 

The absolute best feature of the game is the morality system. Based on your choices you either get renegade or paragon points that unlocks further dialogue options. You can really feel the effect of your choices in the game. If you didn't know, and here is a spoiler alert by the way, you've been hunting Saren for so long that you might be expecting a grand showdown. If you've played your cards right though, you might be able to convince him to just kill himself instead. That is the power of speech my friends.

Anyway, this game was awesome and had such a controversial ending (Shepard dies, oops!) That Bioware released a patch with alternate endings based on your decisions in the game. Now you can keep him alive and get your "happy ending" if you want.

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