10 Best Dating Games to Play in 2015: Page 10 of 10

10 Best Dating Games to Play in 2015
Love knows no boundaries

1. Dandelion

Beautiful artwork and a compelling story.

While Dandelion is yet another visual novel, it comes in as the top dating simulator on this list. The reason why is because of its unique storytelling and strong narrative that is very immersive. This game is not simply another pick-and-choose a lover kind of simulator, you get very involved in the plot and care about what happens to the characters. The art work is beautiful and the game is definitely worth checking out if dating simulators are your cup of tea.

This concludes our list for the most entertaining and awesome dating games. Let us know what you think in the comments. Did we miss any? Should the cricket game have been a part of the list? Write your answers in the comments below.

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