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These are the real OP champions

3. Malzahar

Malzahar, delivering space aids to the masses since 2010

Malzahar looks like an evil version of a magical Aladdin, which makes sense because he is based loosely off of Prince of Persia. Malzahar doesn’t just have the sweetest dance in the game (try it with a voidling out and it gets better!) but he is also the hardest lane bully in the current meta. If you disagree, try to name a single champion that can push one button, leave lane, and still clear multiple waves while forcing the enemy champion to stay back. Malzahar’s little space disease that he puts on people with his E is brutal. Add that on to a tank melting W, a silencing nuke on his Q, and an insane channeled suppressing nuke ult… It is the entire recipe for making an OP champion. Malzahar ‘s only weakness is that he is slow like nothing else. If you catch him out there is nothing he can do.

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