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These are the real OP champions

1. Sejuani

The ultimate jungler, Sejuani delivers brutal blows to her enemies

The number one spot on our list of the very best League of Legends champions is this bear riding, flail wielding monster of a champion. As a huge Sejuani fan, seeing her on top of the winning charts makes me really happy. She had some pretty weak moments in the last season, but with all of the jungling, itemization, and summoner spell changes that have been introduced in season 5, Sejuani is on top again.

What makes her so insanely broken is her ultimate. It is almost identical to Amumu’s only it is long range. This means that she can all out engage on an unsuspecting team without them having the slightest chance to react. The rest of her kit has excellent scaling and provide her with a lot of innate tankiness as well. She is hard to kill, does tons of damage, and can permanently CC almost any champion. If you see Sejuani on the enemy team, buy a Quicksilver Sash!

You might be surprised to find that most of these champions are supports or tanks that are difficult to carry alone with. That is because believe it or not, League of Legends is a team game and you will never make it to Challenger on your own. When you win it is not just your good work, and when you lose it is partially your fault as well. Anyway, let us know what you think. Leave a comment and let us know who you think the best League of Legends champions are and why.

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