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10 Best Online RPG Games in 2015

6. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn  

Let’s face it, sometimes games just aren’t any good. It’s a common predicament, but what was most surprising of Square’s Final Fantasy XIV, is that a company known for being masters of the genre could produce a game that was, well, just not any good. The initial release was plagued with all sorts of problems: boring quests, frame rate issues, and a horrific user interface.  

What’s not common, however, is a company’s will to right the wrongs in any sort of meaningful way. Most companies when faced with adversity, simply throw the game to the wayside and try again. Thankfully, Square is not one of those companies. Not only has Square righted the wrongs of old, but they have successfully turned Final Fantasy XIV into one of the best MMORPGs on the market.  

A Realm Reborn takes place after the dramatic events of Final Fantasy XIV, where much of Eorzea was destroyed. At the end of Final Fantasy XIV, the Archon Louisoix sealed the remaining soldiers of Eorzea, along with the player, in an aetherial rift where they would be unharmed. A Realm Reborn picks up where this storyline ends with the player attempting to rebuild Eorzea while defending it against the forces of the Garlean Empire and Beastmen Tribes.  

It seems that the powers that be at Square sat down together for a cup of tea and began listing everything that was wrong with their first effort. Then, one by one, they went down the line and fix each and everyone one. The graphic issues have been resolved, resulting in a game that is smooth and consistent. The user interface has been redesigned and questing has never been more interesting.  

A Realm Reborn also brings random events to Eorzea called FATES (Full Active Time Events), which helps keep the pace of A Realm Reborn on par with other MMOs. In addition, players will also be able to participate in a new questing format called Levequest. These quests are similar to the daily quests found in other MMOs, where the player attempts to progress as far they can before it expires. These quests are made up of different tasks, and as each task is completed, the rewards grow exponentially. These tasks grow more difficult as they progress, so it’s a good idea to bring a larger party with you to accomplish these tasks.  

Final Fantasy XIV also one of the best character building systems of any game in the genre. Instead of picking a class and staying with it forever until you decide to create a new character, classes are instead defined by their weapons. By switching weapons, you switch your capabilities, skill set, and affiliations. Switching weapons will align you with the Disciples of War (masters of physical combat), Disciples of Magic (practitioners of the magical arts), Disciples of the Hand (crafters and handymen who synthesize and repair items), and Disciples of the Land (gatherers who collect resources from the environment). These groups are further broken down with more specialized abilities and you may switch between them by simply switching weapons. All experience will then be allocated towards your current alignment and skills learned in one class may be intertwined with those of another, giving the player a chance to really experiment with their builds.  

A Realm Reborn is truly a love song to the fans of the series, and it has the fortitude to be more than just a fling. Square has turned one of the worst MMORPGs, into one of the best and most exciting experiences on the market.

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