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10 Best Online RPG Games in 2015

7. Archeage 

If I could sum up Archeage in a word, that word would be freedom. Unlike most MMORPGs where areas of the map are sectioned off into zones and loading screens, Archeage features a zoneless world where everything is accessible at once, similar to Skyrim and other games before it. Developer XL Games have built one of the most authentic RPG worlds and implores you to discover all that it has to offer.  

One of the main attractions of this game is the landscape, and XL Games gives you a wonderful tool to make your explorations even easier: the glider. This wonderful device allows the players to traverse the world of Archeage with ease while simultaneously giving the player a wonderful view of the world. Given to the player early, the glider allows for the player to take flight at a moment’s notice, making the massive world of Archeage easily accessible, as traveling on foot would far too time consuming. Being able to take flight and explore the world of Archeage, subjects the player to all the world has to offer all at once. One minute you might be walking through a field gathering resources, and the next you might be flying over a village where people are putting those resources to use in interesting ways you might not have known about.  

The glider gives way to other forms of transportation such as the airship. The airship allows you to fly at an even higher vantage point and when coupled with the glider allows for the player to experience mobility like no other MMORPG can provide. From high up in the airship, you will discover vast forests, mountains, and even an ocean that contains so much content you might think XL Game developers enjoyed playing Windraker a little too much.  

While it’s easy to get caught up in the world itself, this is not to say the other aspects of Archeage are any less interesting. Archeage features one of the most versatile character creations systems to ever be featured in an MMORPG. While only featuring four races, there are ten classes for the player to choose from, each with their own unique abilities, giving the player a total of 120 combinations in which their character can be created. Needless to say, this dynamic coupled with Archeage’s very palpable combat system, combat has been taken to new heights in Archeage and you would be cheating yourself if you didn’t explore everything Archeage has to offer.  

Truth be told, I could sit here writing for days about extensive farming systems, decorating your house, and the joyful exploration of Archeage’s wonderful words, but this would be doing XL Games an injustice. It’s best that you pick up the game yourself and experience it yourself. I guarantee that after you first experience with the glider, you will be hooked on what Archeage has to offer. 

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