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10 Best Online RPG Games in 2015

8. Star Wars: The Old Republic 

Stars Wars, one of the most beloved Sci-Fi franchises in the history of Sci-Fi franchises, is more than just a couple people waving an electric sword at each other while a little green man talks backwards to himself. No, Star Wars was always about the relationships, and there is no better game studio better equipped to handle this dynamic than BioWare.  

BioWare, a company known for their masterful storytelling in games such as Mass Effect, has created a game with one of the most compelling stories ever put into an MMORPG. Characters in The Old Republic are exactly that, characters. They have their own personalities, make interesting decisions, and react in a believable manner to the decisions you make. Accompanying this design is wonderful voice acting and well-designed character models, making them both compelling and enjoyable to be around.  

The Old Republic is a game that takes place well before the events of the Star Wars films, about 3,500 years to be exact, during a time when the Sith Empire is plotting the destruction of both the Galactic Republic and the Jedi. Darth Malgus serves as the main antagonist in the dense plot, and each of the playable classes have their own three act storyline. While the player must choose between fighting for the Galactic Republic or the Sith Empire, the player’s alignment to either evil or good is still dependent on the decisions they make.  

Through the player’s decisions, story arcs adjust accordingly, making each play through different than the next. This adds a level of replay value that only BioWare can provide. This style of gaming is a perfect fit for the layered lore found in Star Wars. You see, you might be aligned with the Galactic Republic, but through your decisions, you might just be aligned with the dark side as well, and your service to the Galactic Empire is really just service to your own evil plans. It’s this sort of back and forth that makes The Old Republic the ideal game to express just how good or evil, you really are. 

The Old Republic also features top notch gameplay mechanics, allowing for intense gunfights, lightsaber duels, and space missions where your dream of piloting a Star Wars spacecraft can finally be realized. While much of the gameplay is very standard compared to other MMO’s, it’s the combination of varying landscapes and great storytelling that helps keep the gameplay emotional and important.  

The Old Republic is a must play for Star Wars fans, and for anyone who is looking for an MMO that really takes storytelling to new heights. BioWare keeps true to their legacy with The Old Republic by engaging the player with important decisions that will ultimately determine the fate of the galaxy. 

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