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10 Best Online RPG Games in 2015

10. The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

It’s everything you’ve loved about the Elder Scroll games, only now you can experience it with a friend. Enjoy hand to hand combat, spell casting, and open world goodness the series is known for in a great online experience.  

Like all Elder Scrolls games, the setting is the continent of Tamriel. Similar to solo games such as Skyrim, much of the continent is available for exploration and most of the plot is revealed through the quests handed out by NPCs throughout the game. While the story is not as consistently strong as some of the single player Elder Scrolls games, it is strong enough to provide a strong base by which the MMO elements can be staged.  

Combat has never been better in the land of Tamriel and it’s one of the highlights of Tamriel Unlimited. Hand to hand combat is exciting and fun as blocking and maneuvering are just as important as knowing when to strike your opponent. The combat feels tight and consistent, making victory appear to be more of a reflection of your own skill as a player opposed to merely reflecting how much time you’ve put into your character. Make no mistake though, this game like other MMOs, relies heavily on your willingness to farm and make your character as powerful as can be.  

Other standout features include veteran dungeons that become available to the player once they’ve reached the level cap. These levels are perfect playgrounds for four player co-operative adventures and the battles themselves require a high level of coordination and skill. The enemies you encounter in these dungeons are tough and will test your ability to be creative with your skills. There is also PvP combat in the form of sieges in the land of Cyrodiil which is great fun. 

Unique to The Elder Scrolls Online is its high level of crafting that it borrows from previous iterations of the Elder Scrolls games. Alchemy is still fun as ever and provides plenty of rewards for gathering herbs and experimenting with them to discover their effects. This system is so deep, that developer Bethesda could practically make a game solely on its mechanics. I can see it now: large fields of colorful weeds growing under the yellow sun, special greenhouses being erected with magic spells, and merchants coming and going offering you tons of gold for your efforts, but I digress. 

Truth be told, if you have played an Elder Scrolls game before and always wanted to play with a friend, your time has come. Bethesda doesn’t do much to change the formula of its previous efforts, but I’m totally fine with that. The Elder Scrolls Online brings a new story to the table and lets us experience the majesty of Tamriel with others who share our love for the universe Bethesda has created.  

So there you have it, the Top 10 Best Online RPG Games in 2015. What do you guys think? Agree with the list? Let us know down below what your thoughts are. Either way, 2015 looks to be another exciting year for RPGs, and I can't wait. 

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