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10 Best Resident Evil Games, Ranked Best to Worst
Jill Valentine from Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)

2) Resident Evil 2

Many will argue that this is the best in the series, and I would agree with them. When stacked up against the original, the second entry in the series is a huge step up. The environments are more varied, the story built with more twist and turns, way more weapons and enemy varieties, and now you can select from two different characters for two actually separate story lines. 

You get a choice between rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy or new-in-town Claire Redfield. There is an "A" and a "B" story for each, so this gives you the chance to experience four different scenarios all together. Not only that, they each have some weapons unique to their scenario and different events as well as side characters.

Capcom went all out for this entry, and this is even more apparent when you take into consideration that they got more than half-way through what is now called "Resident Evil 1.5" in development. They scrapped that, saved some assets, and gave us what we now know as Resident Evil 2. They care about their craft.

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