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10 Best Resident Evil Games, Ranked Best to Worst
Jill Valentine from Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)

5) Resident Evil: Revelations

This entry was originally released on the Nintendo 3ds and was ported to PC and consoles later on. The main storyline has you playing as Jill Valentine, now a member of a task force whose job is to take on bio-terrorism and biological weapons, who must navigate a ship to save Chris Redfield and other members. The game was an attempt to bring Resident Evil back to its survival horror roots.

Environments are once again cramped, your AI partner's gun apparently shoots harmless puffs of air, and ammo and other items are scarce. It still retains the over-the-shoulder camera, but this is seen as a plus by many.

Zombies have gone by the wayside, and this time players battle against mutated humans and sea creatures that can turn to liquid and move through pipes and vents. Good times are had by all.

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