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This means war!
This means war!

9. Age of Wonders III

Age of Wonders III 01

Wait a minute... is that Minas Tirith??

Here’s a turn-based strategy war game set in a fantasy world.

You choose from six races: humans, high elves, dwarves, draconians, goblins, and orcs. You then select a leader, who evolves as the game progresses, RPG-style. After that, it’s all about the exploration of the world map; expansion through conquest or diplomacy; exploitation of resources, opportunities, and the abilities of your forces; and extermination of rival powers.

The campaign’s story centers on the perspectives of the human Commonwealth Empire, who believe in the eradication of the old ways and who want to assimilate the entire world under their rule; and the Court of the High Elves, who wish to marshal the ancient races in opposition to the Empire’s expansionist ambitions.

One of the most attractive, engaging strategy war games out there!

Age of Wonders III 02

Age of Wonders III 03

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