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This means war!
This means war!

7. Total War: Attila


Can't hind behind those walls forever

Set in 395 AD, Total War: Attila traces the rise to power of one of history’s most fearsome figures: Attila of the Huns.

As the latest Total War game, Attila boasts improvements to the series’ A.I., graphics, storytelling, and sound design, and even brings back a feature first introduced in Rome: Total War: the Horde faction.

The Huns and several other factions begin the game as Hordes. Because Hordes are nomadic, they don't start with a capital or province. This gives them enhanced mobility, and a variety of other perks. For instance, they don’t have to worry about sanitation. They also gain a majority of their profits from sacking and pillaging settlements, and from tributes from certain states. This forces them to keep moving from region to region, to find new settlements to raid. Playing a Horde faction is a drastically different experience from the usual stationary faction, making Attila an excellent change of pace from earlier titles.

True to the violent era in which the game is set, Attila is steeped in an apocalyptic miasma, complete with inclement weather and gloomy lighting – making it one of the best strategy war games you can play in 2015.



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