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This means war!
This means war!

6. Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth

Civ Beyond Earth 01

A beautiful, green planet. I hope mankind doesn't ruin it

The esteemed Civilization series goes interstellar with Beyond Earth, a turn-based strategy game set on an alien planet.

600 years from now, humanity has messed up Earth, so we send the brave and the bold on a mission to find new worlds to inhabit. We do find one, but as soon as we land on it do we begin to bicker amongst each other again. Some things never change.

You oversee the growth of one of several factions, which are hypothetical alliances such as the Pan-Asian Cooperative, the American Reclamation Corporation, and the People’s African Union. Maneuvering your units over a map composed of hexagonal tiles, you then explore your new world, expand your territory, and deal with rival factions. Similar to previous Civilization titles, you’ve also got technology to research and upgrade, cities to build, and a host of other things to do.

Beyond Earth’s unique contribution to the series is the Affinity system. These are philosophies you can develop, which then affect your technological advancement and even unlock special units. For example, Supremacy prioritizes technology above all, rewarding you with specialized units you can use on the battlefield, while Harmony is all about co-existing with your new home, allowing you to domesticate indigenous life forms.

Thanks to its enthralling setting and new gameplay systems, Beyond Earth is one of the best strategy war games today.

Civ Beyond Earth 02

Civ Beyond Earth 03

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