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This means war!
This means war!

3. Crusader Kings II


It's a geography lesson, only with more blood and backstabbing

This grand strategy game focuses on the historical bloodbath that is the Middle Ages.

In Crusader Kings II, you’re charged with leading a dynasty to supremacy from 1066 to 1454. Achieving victory involves acquiring the most prestige points within the time limit, an effort that entails war, assassinations, political marriages, alliances, sound economy and population management, city-building, and more.

Because dynasty plays such a key role in the game, you’ll be able to sire children. Offspring inherit the skills, religion, and culture of their parents. With this in mind, players can arrange marriages in such a way that couples produce offspring boasting enhanced attributes – thereby improving your chances of winning the game.

Of course there are other systems at play which can drastically influence the flow of your game, including tax laws, gender laws, religion, intrigue, and others. It’s incredibly complex, and one of the most satisfying strategy war games in existence.



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