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10 Biggest VR companies 2017
Sony is leading the consoles in VR technology

2. Virtuix

Hopefully this gaming exercise fad lasts longer than Pokemon Go!

The name of the game, when it comes to virtual reality, is immersion. Why would we, as gamers, otherwise want to strap a TV to our face? Virtuix, an Austin based startup, and their Omni “active virtual reality motion platform” want players to literally feel their characters exhaustion. The Omni is essentially a giant trackpad that players can “walk” on to move their character in the game. The device connects to your PC and VR headset of choice via Bluetooth and works with any game that supports VR or gamepad input. What is even more interesting about this is the price point. DIY sets started at 250 dollars when the Kickstarter (long since fulfilled) went live which promises a reasonable price point when this piece of tech goes into mass production.

The Omni pad in action

Virtuix’s official website.

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