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10 Cool Games To Play in 2015
The Witcher 3 is definately one of the best games of the year!

7. Evolve

My vote is on the giant monster thing

This game takes place on the distant planet called Shear. Humanity has set up colonies in that region of space, but monsters have started showing up and destroying them. The premise is very simple since it is not a very story driven game. It is a monster versus hunter shooter kind of game instead, and it focuses completely on multiplayer. 4 players take on the role of hunters while the 5th gets to play the big bad monster. Here are 5 reasons to play this game:

1.     You get to team up and fight humongous creatures. Who wouldn’t love that?

2.     You are always in a team of 4 players. You don’t have to rely on crappy AI support.

3.     You can play as a big bad monster and grief other players to no end.

4.     The graphics and feel of the game is awesome! It is like you dove headfirst into Jurassic Park.

5.     The game does not require a huge time commitment to enjoy. You can play a few games and then do something else. It is nice not having to dedicate a huge amount of time whenever you want to play.

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