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Games Like Dragon Age
Let the battle begin.

2. Pillars of Eternity

Pillars of Eternity Launch Trailer

Witnessing a ritual causes you to become a Watcher, a person who can read souls and access memories of past lives. This ability haunts you making you unable to sleep. Without a cure to the curse, you will eventually go mad.

This game is similar to Baldur’s Gate in its appearance. It features real-time-with-pause tactical gameplay and is party-based. This is similar to what you see in Dragon Age. It doesn’t hurt that the story is also intriguing.

Experience is gained through exploration of new areas and quests and not killing monsters as you would expect. There are also eleven available classes to choose from such as fighter, wizard, druid, priest, rogue, and cipher. Depending on what you choose, this will determine your gameplay.

Heroes will fight beside you.

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