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6. Pillars of Eternity

The developers at Obsidian struggled but finally delivered a masterpiece.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, you have become a Watcher. You see your soul’s past and you can read other souls as if they were open books. Sounds cool, right? The catch is that this ability is tied to a curse which you must cure before your mind consumes itself. Seeking answers, you discover that children of the land are being born without souls…

Are you craving a classic RPG experience reminiscent of Baldur’s Gate and other greats? If you're nodding yes then you're in the right place because Pillars of Eternity pays homage to these icons and even earns a seat at their lofty table.

Dragons? Of course.

Does a roll-to-hit combat dynamic excite you? Pillars of Eternity has that. Are you tired of great games ending too soon? Fear not, this gem has a main story arc that should consume 60 hours of your time. Notice I said main story arc; there is tons of side content if you’re brave enough to seek it.    

What about classes, you ask? Pillars of Eternity offers all the standard classes you’re familiar with plus new classes native to the world of Eora.

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