10 Great PC Games You Might Have Overlooked: Page 7 of 10

A character from The Last Remnant wearing a bright red outfit.
The Conqeuerer shall...conquer you!

4. The Long Dark

What's worse than zombies? Mother nature.

Are you overdue for a peaceful exploration title? If your answer is yes this is not the title for you. The Long Dark is an early access, survival exploration sandbox that sticks you in a variety of environments and then gives you two choices. Will you survive or die?

Sounds easy on the surface, right? Well, when you factor in body heat, hydration and all the other threatening variables that come with the pure wilderness package you might be surprised how just quickly you’ll find yourself in a pinch.  

Is that fire or the sunset?

Their website says there are no zombies, but the look and feel of the game point to a similar theme. You might think you’re surviving, but the reality is that you’re just seeing how long you can delay the inevitable.

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