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10 Most Addictive PC Games In 2015
List of Addictive Games for 2015

9. Starcraft II

Ghosts of the Past Trailer - StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

Luring you in with its sci-fi charm and intense warfare action, Starcraft will always have a passionate player base.

There’s a reason there are over 300,000 active players for this title as reported by SC2Ranks. This Real Time Strategy game that lets you command hordes of aliens, humans and creatures to battle other players sucks you in from the get go.

With its competitive atmosphere allowing players to gain a rank depending on how well they play against one another it’s no wonder this game is played regularly. There’s always a challenge, a new opponent, a new strategy. This game tests your wits and reaction time so it’s no wonder the game is still one of the most active titles on the market.

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