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10 Most Expensive Video Games Ever Made
Destiny: Official E3 Gameplay Experience Trailer. Fans have high expectations on this one.

3. Final Fantasy VII (1997)

Cloud Strife and his Buster Sword planning to take down Shinra’s Mako reactor.

Production cost upon release: US $145 million

2015 inflated cost: US $213 million

What made it so expensive?

Development cost the company only US $45 million. Around 120 developers and artists were hired to make the transition from 2D to 3D graphics. Sony made things bigger, by investing US $100 million in promoting the game months before its release. This includes TV commercials, promotion with Pepsi, and print ads.

It was a first during that time, as no company has ever spent that much on an RPG, making it the most expensive video game ever developed back then.

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