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10 Most Legendary Characters in World of Warcraft
The Most Epic NPC's That Actually Matter (Photo - Lady Jaina Proudmoore by Ver1sa Cosplay)

7. Arthas/Kel’thuzad

Both frozen and cold. These villains have no souls

These two share a spot because it is difficult to decide who is ultimately responsible for the utter destruction of Lordaeron by the Scourge. Prince Arthas was an aspiring paladin and the promising crown prince of the kingdom. In his zeal to save the world from the scourge he ended up corrupting himself and eventually taking over the frozen throne as the Lich King. None of that would’ve been possible had it not been for the meddling hands of Kel’Thuzad, the creepiest necromancer in the game.

All in all, the destruction of two continents (the Eastern Kingdoms and Northrend) plus the annihilation of the Kingdom of Lordaeron certainly earns a spot on this list. That still doesn’t change the fact that no one likes Arthas though.

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