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10 Most Legendary Characters in World of Warcraft
The Most Epic NPC's That Actually Matter (Photo - Lady Jaina Proudmoore by Ver1sa Cosplay)

4. Lady Sylvanas Windrunner

After breaking free from the Lich King's controll, Sylvanas rallies the undead to her side

Once she was a ranger that fought for the high elves of Silvermoon, but now she is the faction leader for the undead: The Banshee Queen. She and her people were murdered by Arthas and she hates him more than anything. After being resurrected she managed to rip control of her mind back to herself from the Lich King which was no small feat. That act demonstrates the immense power of will and strength of character that Sylvana’s possesses.

She is one of the most mysterious and lore intensive characters in the game. There are lots of quests in the upper Eastern Kingdoms that reveal interesting characteristics and history behind the pale faced Queen of the undead. Hopefully future expansions will evolve her character even further.

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