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10 Most Legendary Characters in World of Warcraft
The Most Epic NPC's That Actually Matter (Photo - Lady Jaina Proudmoore by Ver1sa Cosplay)

1. Gamon

Gamon you poor scrub

This probably comes as a huge surprise that Gamon is number one on the list. Gamon has next to no backstory. He is an NPC Tauren that used to be a part of a low level quest in Orgrimmar. Players would have to pickpocket him to complete the quest. However, as a result of having a killable level 12 NPC smackdab in the center of the Horde capitol, he was never alive for more than a few seconds. Since Mists of Pandaria he became a level 90 mob and now the joke is on unfortunate low level characters that misclick.

The reason why Gamon is on this list is because there is probably no other mob or creature that has suffered death quite as many times as this unfortunate Tauren. Not only that, but players would often drag him out to publicly execute and ridicule him in front of the auction house. But you know what? He kept coming back and he even helped take out general Nazgrim during the Siege of Orgrimmar.

It takes a big man, and an even bigger cow to be willing to help out a player base that has so ruthlessly murdered him time and time again since the game's release. That is why he is number one.

Thus concludes the World of Warcraft best hero list and it is now up to you to again venture into the land of Azeroth and discover who you consider to be the ultimate World of Warcraft best hero or villain. So who do you consider to be the greatest character in World of Warcraft? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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