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Legends of the gaming world
Legends of the gaming world

5. Thrall Son of Durotan


Blood and honor

It was through Thrall that we learned of the nobility and heroism in the heart of the orc.

Without Thrall, the orcs would’ve never been able to rebuild their once proud society after their defeat at the end of Warcraft II. After liberating the remaining orcs from human interment camps and leading them to a new home in Kalimdor, he then allied with Jaina Proudmoore and her human armies against the Burning Legion.

While that alliance is no more, it’s because of Thrall that the possibility of peace between the Horde and Alliance transcends mere idea. In fact, Thrall remains friends with some among his former allies. Additionally, he’s an honorable warrior, not to mention the world’s greatest shaman. Not bad for number five on our best Blizzard heroes list.


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