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Legends of the gaming world
Legends of the gaming world

6. Zeratul


Embracing the shadows

Dark templar Zeratul is among the coolest characters in StarCraft lore. His contributions were key in the destruction of the Zerg Overmind, and he was responsible for uncovering the secret experiments breeding Protoss and Zerg for a greater master.

In StarCraft II, Zeratul emphasized to Raynor the dire consequences that would befall everyone should the Terran fail to turn Kerrigan human. Later, he assisted Kerrigan herself, bringing her to the original Zerg homeworld, and proving to her the importance of stopping Amon – the fallen Xel’naga who seeks the destruction of all that live in the Korpulu Sector.

Aside from all that, Zeratul has one rad look. From the dreadlocks and the face mask to the massive shoulder pads and the psionic blade, his design just screams badass, earning him the reputation as one of the best Blizzard heroes.


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