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Legends of the gaming world
Legends of the gaming world

7. Tyrael


The face of justice

As the Archangel of Justice, Tyrael always had a soft spot for the mere mortals of Sanctuary – an enduring sentiment that often put him at loggerheads with his fellow Archangels. In fact, his interference with human affairs – a violation of Heaven’s laws – led the chief of the Angiris Council, Imperius, to condemn him.

Not one to care about what others think of him (haters gonna hate), Tyrael renounced his divinity and fell to earth. Though no longer the Archangel of Justice but a mortal human being, Tyrael continues to serve as defender of humanity, even serving a significant role in the defeat of Azmodan, Belial, Diablo, and the rogue Archangel Malthael in the events of Diablo III. With the holy sword El’druin in hand, he slays any and all demons who dare threaten those under his protection.


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