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10 Most Played RPGs of All Time
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7. Dragon Age: Origins

There are a lot of Bioware titles on this list and for good reason! Why Origins out of all the Dragon Age games? For reasons similar to the above. It was new, it was fresh and much flashier than anything ever released before. It had tactical combat, a  good story, was well balanced and ran smooth, etc. It was exactly what RPG players, old and new, were waiting for.

Then came the sequels. Each sequel not only had a different story, but a different system...and no one liked the new systems. Dragon Age 2, while a great game, had a lot of complaints from the community and most of them we're going back to Origins, giving it more plays. Inquisition promised a lot more and it delivered, but not for PC. That game was clearly made with consoles in mind, hence most PC players went back to Origins, yet again earning it more plays.

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