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10 Movies Every Call of Duty Player Should Watch

5. Black Hawk Down

we must save him

Why are you touching my thigh?

where are we going to go

Clean up in the square

Black Hawk Down: US Soldiers fight for theirs lives after they are over run trying to capture two dangerous warlords

Based on true events, action pack, emotional, and well made. This is a war movie that all modern warfare movies should take notes from. It did everything right in terms of make it a believable war movie. But I feel this movie failed in bring the true events to life. I feel they just focused on the juicy stuff to sell tickets.

What you learn from this movie is we are all capable of anything. What those soldiers went through is true testament of their courage and strength as a human being. This movie is not only entertaining but gives you that insight on what soldiers go through when a mission does not go as planned.

Why you should watch it? Based on true events, Great Action, Great Acting

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