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The Doom Guy Is Ready For Hell

3. Darksiders 2

Death is one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse: Conquest, War, Famine and Death.

Darksiders 2 takes place on earth which is infested by angels and demons alike. The angels and demons waged war against each other since the beginning of time, and that is why the so called Charred Council was made. The Charred Council created the four horsemen to enforce their law and stop the war between Heaven and Hell.

One of the greater demons in Darksiders 2 is Samael, who Death must fight in order to obtain the Demonic key. He needs to get this key in order to enter the Well of Souls which is a supernatural dimension guarded by the Archangel named Azrael.

Samael once posessed enough power to rival the Dark Prince/Lucifer. He was banished to earth for defying the Destroyer, the leader of the demons.

Some of the common demons you’ll frequently encounter are Samael’s legions. There are five different types of legions, each with unique attacks and strength.

Another boss which you’ll need to fight is called the Bone Keeper.

The Bone Keeper does fast attacks with his arms and head. He also spawns skeleton minions.

The main protagonist is a horseman of the apocalypse, same as in the previous game. The difference is that the first game featured War, and in this one you play as Death. Death is more agile and less of a brute character. He has two scythes and firearms which are upgradeable. He can also spawn a black horse spirit, as well as use a magic attack called the Death Grip and transform into the Reaper Form.

War, Death's brother riding on a demonic steed.

Death battles the Crowfather at the beginning of the game who is disguised as War. The Crowfather doesn't want to let Death pass to the Tree of Life which Death needs in order to restore humanity.

Death fights Samael

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