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On the road again.

3. Baldur’s Gate

Baldur’s Gate whisks you away on a journey through the Forgotten Realms, a setting in Dungeons and Dragons. You’ll lose hundreds of hours exploring cities, forests, mountains, and dungeons as you fight bandits, beasts, and dragons. With a wealth of dialogue and an epic story to tell, Baldur’s Gate is a staple amongst narrative RPGs.

Each companion character has their own fleshed out backstory, complete with a personal quest to undertake. You can communicate with your party and build relationships with them. They respond to your choices and alignment throughout the game.  

Where snakes have swords. Also arms.

As you journey, you find yourself wrapped up in the land’s politics. Conspiracies swirl the world’s main factions like a humid fog. The deeper you sink, the more you learn about yourself.

This classic adventure set the trend for storytelling in RPGs. If you’re looking for an authentic adventure, you’ll find it in the medieval fantasy world of Baldur’s Gate.

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