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Those who prepare for anything can survive anything

9) Zombie Outbreak

With the hundreds of viruses that exist in the world and several zombie sightings, it is highly discussed in the zombie community not so much how the zombie outbreak will begin, but when in fact the zombie outbreak will occur. Among these repetitive conversations is all the different ways they will epically survive the devastating outbreak.

Surviving an experience like a zombie outbreak is nothing compared to the traumatic aftermath of it. Surviving in a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies is not exciting like Resident Evil, but instead is quite a dark and seemingly hopeless end like Dawn of the Dead.

Believing that you can undoubtedly kill zombies is simple until you have to kill your friends or family

Living in such a world would leave even the strongest minds on the brink of insanity, as the courageous survivors lose timeless amounts of sleep over the things they have done to survive. People having to kill humans and human like creatures, and looting buildings for food, water, and medicine all while never truly feeling safe or alone. Surviving means constantly being aware of the mindless monsters that plague the world and hoping that an encounter with one does not leave you with so much as a scratch as battle damage.

Once the world is overrun by the undead there is no hope for things to ever be the way they were before

Zombies hold a special place in the post-apocalyptic worlds as the earth is left with many living things inhabiting it, and yet it could not be more dead and decrepit. This world leaves you to not only scavenge the supplies that exist but be aware of the undead people who remain there alongside of them.

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