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7) Asteroid Impact

Asteroids constantly come in contact with earth, but most of them burn up into nothing within the atmosphere causing very few to ever directly contact the earth’s surface. Only a fraction of those asteroids are able to create a noticeable amount of damage and cause any kind of real impact to the earth’s inhabitants. That being said, there have been multiple asteroid collisions in the past that have caused horrific levels of destruction. The most notable of these would be the asteroid that forced the dinosaurs into extinction.

The inability to prevent the impact of an asteroid makes the thought of a colossal asteroid horrifying

An asteroid estimated to be six miles in diameter upon impact, created a massive dust cloud that blocked the sun’s rays from reaching the earth’s surface, causing temperatures to drop to a point that plants and in turn animals began to die. After the dust settled greenhouse gases then caused the temperature to fluctuate and rise to unbearable levels.

The entire event caused the dinosaurs and seventy percent of all other life on earth to die from impact based shock-wave, freezing cold temperatures, starvation, or incredibly high temperatures. No matter what way they happened to die each method poses its own horrific ending in which the world is left in absolute turmoil.

A large enough impact from an asteroid can through the entire earth into an ecological imbalance

The asteroid that killed the dinosaur is one of infinitely numerous individual asteroids that exist in the known universe and though the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs hit earth sixty-five million years ago; scientist believe that an asteroid very much like the one that ended the dinosaurs may be due to hit earth within humanities lifetime. Let’s just hope we have technology like the ship from asteroids to destroy them with when that time comes.

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